Google Docs template support has never been fantastic. With the switch to the new Google Docs several years ago, the existing custom template functionality was left behind.

For a long time, lawyers using Google Docs had the option of either doing a open, copy, rename, move strategy for creating a new document from a template, or using the old template interface.

Neither were particularly appealing. I personally went with open, copy, rename, move, but it required a change in behaviour – you had to copy the document after you saw it on the screen and before you edited it, otherwise, you would be editing the original, not the new one.

Google has finally released its promised new domain-specific templates for G Suite (the new name of Google Apps for Business).

The new tool comes with the ability to require the approval of new templates, which seems like a necessary tool to prevent the template library from getting overrun.

A personal template library would be a nice next feature.  And of course, Google Docs has always been missing the kind of flexibility provided by Microsoft Word in styling, particularly with mutli-level lists and tables of content, and the like.

But the lack of domain-specific templates in the new version was the #1 irritant, and it’s nice to see it eliminated.

Google Adds Templates for G Suite Business Users
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